26 October 2017

Shoulder Season in Ketchum, Idaho

Image: Limelight Hotel website

Occupying prime real estate on the main street of Ketchum, Idaho, is a swanky new hotel called The Limelight. It's modern, dog and child friendly and located within walking distance of restaurants and shops. The hotel opened early 2017 and is gearing up for a great winter season of skiing at one of the oldest ski resorts in the country.

Idaho locals get to take advantage of reduced room rates September thru mid-December. We decided this was a great reason to head to Ketchum, a quick 2.5 hour drive from Boise. It was a perfect spot for a getaway in this gorgeous Fall weather.

Ice Skating at the Sun Valley Lodge

Also in Ketchum is a ski resort you may have heard of: Sun Valley. The resort has been around since 1936 and was America's first destination resort built by the Union Pacific Railroad. It was founded by Count Felix Schaffgotsch of Austria who was looking for a untapped area to build a ski resort. He found just what he was looking for in this small mining town in sun-drenched Idaho.

We visited Monday through Wednesday in the shoulder season of October. The summer mountain bikers and hikers have headed back to their cities and the ski tourists have yet to arrive. The town feels sleepy and laid back, with locals enjoying quieter lunches on patios. Even our hotel was rather quiet, with only a few people milling about.


We arrived on Monday just in time for lunch at one of our favorites, Christina's. White table clothes, delicious Italian food and a fireplace in the corner, always leave me wishing for another trip to Italy. The food here is good enough to think you're there!

Bigwood Bread - best Sourdough bread!

The Children's Library

We then walked around town, poking our heads in some of the fancy, upscale stores that line the streets of town, as well as an impressive Children's Library.

Patio of room 216

We checked into the hotel and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine on our patio. Yellow aspen trees danced in the wind as we overlooked the mountains, watching the sun sink behind the mountains.

The Limelight hotel makes great pizza in their pizza oven. Kiki was under the weather with a cold, so we decided to stay in for dinner and enjoy our beautiful hotel rooms. We ordered pizzas and salads from the hotel restaurant and drank the wine we had packed from home :)

Found Pacman

Game room filled with books, toys and games

Breakfast is included with your hotel reservation. They presented a beautiful buffet spread of eggs, homemade granola and yogurt, fresh fruit and local breads. This is so convenient with kids - when Kiki was done with her breakfast, she happily played in the kids room while we finished our coffees.

We had plans of riding the Roundhouse gondola up the mountain for some nice views, but it had closed for the season. We will have to wait until we are on skis to return for a ride! Instead we enjoyed some outside walking around the base.

Our final evening ended up being an unexpected Bingo night at the hotel. This activity seemed to bring people out of the woodwork! I don't know where they'd been the rest of the time, but the huge room was filled with hopeful players, looking to win some Limelight swag or free drinks from the bar.

Overall, our stay at The Limelight was excellent. What a great addition to Ketchum. We look forward to going back during a busier to season to see the place in full action!


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Nicole Carlson said...

Interesting blog! Enjoyed the photography and the gentle descriptive style, I felt the sunshine, atmosphere, and lazy-day in falltime relaxation. I yearn to wallk straight out of the valley and up into the color bathed wilderness. Thank you for the article that lures the adventurist in me. Delightful food, quiet nights and fun social times round out the perfect get-away. Nicole C.

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