29 July 2017

Back Home

Yesterday, as we were sight-seeing in our own city, I was thinking about all of the places we have lived in the past 10 years. Every 2 to 3 years, we have moved somewhere new, renting homes in new neighborhoods and making new friends. There was always something to discover, be it restaurants, museums or outdoor attractions. It was fun and exciting and always kept that adventurous spirit alive.

This month marks 4 years of living in Boise. The longest place Dan and I have lived together and the place we now call home. It's easy to let that adventure slip away into the daily hum drum of life. Sometimes I need a kick in the buns to keep exploring and seeing what is out my front door. No matter where you call home, there are new things to explore, new people to meet and new adventures to start. We are enjoying putting down roots here, becoming a part of this community and taking in all Boise has to offer. And it's not just potatoes.

And while Boise is our home now, last week we got to back to Minnesota. It was my first home and I love sharing it with Kiki. We spent 4 days in Minneapolis. It's true what they say: sometimes you have to leave a place to truly appreciate what it has to offer. Those 4 days were almost entirely spent with family, celebrating my grandparents' long lives together, but we also made sure to enjoy some of the city too.

It's hard to beat a Minnesota summer days and nights when everyone is outside, enjoying those precious moments, for all too soon they know winter is coming. People are biking, walking, running, paddle boarding, swimming and eating al fresco, every chance they get. It's just beautiful, really. While we were there, I kept thinking of the many things I never saw or did, probably because I had always lived there. It took leaving and going back for a visit to swim in Lake Harriet and ride bikes to Minnehaha Falls.

I love to travel, as you all know, but as the summer starts winding down, I am feeling this draw to enjoy Idaho, our new home, for all of it's space and charm. Wherever you are, find the beauty that exists there and live in it, for there are many people wishing your home was their vacation destination.

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