02 February 2017

Mexico for the Escape

If there was any year to "get out of Dodge" this was the year. Boise has seen record snowfall and lasting cold temperatures. Skies have been overcast and a dose of vitamin D (with SPF coverage, of course) has never felt so good.

Destination warm weather was Punta Mita, Nayurit, Mexico. And the sun, waves and warm breeze didn't disappoint. 

We rented a condo through a family-friendly travel site called Kid and Coe. Think Airbnb or VRBO with families in mind. Check it out for some dreamy, worldwide travel destinations (hint: I often peruse the site for destination ideas). 

The greatest part of our trip was the fact that we vacationed with the loveliest family we met last year while we were in Hawaii, sitting at the pool. You know how sometimes you just get along so well with a person, that you know you'd like to hang out again? Well, picture that and add in that your spouses also get along (and look like brothers) and your girls do too. So when they asked if we were planning a 2017 getaway and if we'd like to meet, we said yes.

Our flight from Boise (via LAX) landed in Puerto Vallarta on a warm Sunday afternoon. Plane rides are a breeze these days with a 3.5 year old, and I even read my book "America's First Daughter." A 45 minute taxi ride took us north to Punte de Mita, down a windy, cobblestone road to Los Veneros, a culmination of private residences. And right next door to a newly opened W Hotel, with two restaurants and ceviche bar. 

The grounds were beautiful, with many pools, lush greenery and lovely ocean views. The condo was spacious, with a full kitchen and large terrace. The one disappointment was not being able to use the main pool (which now belonged to the W) or the gym (also under the W) which was not clearly stated in the Kid and Coe website description. You win some, you lose some. 

Our days consisted of swimming, watching the girls dive for toys in the pool, reading books and playing in the condo, catching waves at the beach and eating out. We also practiced our Spanish with the patient waitstaff at the restaurants. We drank margaritas, swung in hammocks and gazed at bright stars in the night sky.

On the plane ride home, I read an article in the Delta Magazine about being a traveler vs a tourist by Andrew Zimmern. Meaning, to be a traveler is to get out and explore, immerse yourself in the country you visit, learn customs and cultures. I love being a traveler and dare say it is one of my favorite hobbies. This is more important now than ever in our world. However, sometimes being a tourist who sits by a pool, with no stresses is allowed. It's OK to leave the plans and adventures for another day and have the biggest question be: beach or pool?

Thanks for a great vacation, Joe, Harriet, Polly and Arnie. You were such wonderful companions and made the holiday all the better. Until next time! 



I bog surf as a small hobby and therefore read lots of them. I have to say your use of photos really captures things well and substitutes for words in a very nice way. Your blog will make a good scrap book some day when you may be done with it. BP in Oregon.

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