10 January 2017

Opened a new door

Today I saw a whole new world open for Kiki as she marched into ski school.

She hasn't always been so independent. She spent most of her 1st and 2nd years of life attached firmly to my hip or leg. She's had my number since day one. She's always stayed close.

This year she has come out of her shell. Since this fall, she has attended preschool three mornings a week. It is just enough for her to make friends, learn how to be a tiny human and recognize that a whole world exists outside of her and me. She can make friends with anyone and is turning into the loveliest person.

And so, as we continue on the path of growth, she started ski school today. We live in the mountain west so it's kind of like a right of passage to learn to ski. Honestly, I felt like we were a bit behind schedule only getting her on the slopes this year. Alas, this was her year.

The Mogul Mouse program at our local ski resort, Bogus Basin, (just 16 miles up the hill from us) is teaching our children to love the outdoors, the snow and the sport of skiing. It was seamless and easy. We rented skis at Greenwoods Ski Haus, dressed her in warm gear and signed up to be ski each Tuesday this January.

As a parent, you always wonder how the first day of anything will go. Will she refuse to be dropped at a strange location? Will she cry once she is dressed in all of her gear and just sit there in the snow? Or will she forget about me and march out, excited about an opportunity to play in the snow and conquer something new?

Lucky for all of us, she hardly looked back when I check her into lessons this morning. She was excited and knew what to expect (kind of). We talked about it, just like Daniel Tiger tells us to do. She is confident in who she is and believes in her body. She was ready to fall and get back up.

I adored watching her learn today. And it made me proud seeing that little girl be brave and strong. I loved that she trusted me enough to let me go. She went out there with all she had and gave it her best. I hope she learns to love skiing. But mostly, I hope she keeps that drive to learn new things, even when it is scary and new. That she remembers these moments when it wasn't easy to start, but that the reward of conquering fears opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

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