10 October 2016

Connecting your Past and Present

Do you have those friends you only see once every year or two, but it feels like no time has passed since your last visit? 

Do you have people that know so much about you that being with them feels so easy because they just get you?

We rarely even text one another, let alone find time to call, but our bond is stronger than that. My freshman-year college roommate at St Ben's was assigned to me randomly in 1999, but it couldn't have been a better match. Katie and I lived on Regina J in a tiny room together, decorated with stars and inspirational quotes. We studied together, gushed over the DOGG book together, ate meals together, made friends together and grew into independent women with a best friend by our side. 

This weekend, after years of planning, we finally got away and met up in sunny Santa Monica. We reminisced about friends, boys and parties, but also talked about our families, our jobs and our friends that shape us on a daily basis. We talked a little politics, a little religion and a little philosophy. 

But the best part of a weekend with someone from your past, is that they know so much about you because they were with you through key moments in life that formed you. They knew you before your husband or kids knew you. They knew you at your worst and at your best. And they love you for who you are today. 

Thanks for a great trip down memory lane, Katie! Until next time!