21 September 2016


This isn't about my daughter growing-up or replacing her wardrobe every 6 months to keep up with her long legs (although both of those statements are definitely true). It's about me growing as a person.

This weekend, I took a step out of my comfort zone. And enjoyed every minute of it!

I attended the Make-A-Wish Boise gala on Saturday night. But I went without a date. Dan was out of town and I was invited by a new friend I met through preschool who sits on the board of directors. She was looking for friends to invite to this inspiring benefit.

Usually, I would have said, "Thank you for the invitation, but my husband is out of town, so we won't be able to make it. We'd love to join you next time." But, instead, I said, "Sure! I would love to join you, but it will just be me because Dan is out of town."

Was I hesitant about going alone, to pre-funk with a group of people I had never met before? To sit at a table with couples whose names I didn't know? Sure, I was! My introvert-self was a bit nervous to be dropped off by my mom and Kiki at the pre-party, but my optimistic self said, "I bet I will meet some really great people tonight and might run into someone I know."

I had a fantastic night, being more outgoing than normal and striking up conversations with new faces. I bonded with fellow Children's School families, met the new owner of a pharmacy coming to town, found another Minnesotan whose parents had recently relocated to Boise and was looking for friends for his parents, watched the Boise State athletic teams devote their Saturday night to raising money for children by entertaining us gala-goers and heard the stories of many courageous families and children of Idaho.

The night wouldn't be complete without telling you about the live auction. Earlier in the evening I had the pleasure of meeting Grant and Kim Porter. They own a white-water rafting guide company called Middle Fork Rapid Transport that runs trips down the Salmon River, through some of the most remote wilderness in the lower-48 states. To hear the passion in Kim's stories about the river and the experience one gains from these trips, was enough to get me to raise my paddle to this all-inclusive trip. I went for it. Dan and I will be spending six days in the wilderness next summer - no cell phones, no distractions, just a bunch of nature, water and adventure. Really out of my comfort zone.

I could have said no to the invitation. But I have learned better in these last few months than to say "no" to opportunities. Sometimes we only get one shot at something. Usually we will never know what we missed out on, but somehow we can still regret staying home.

Every day I am growing, learning more about who I want to be and what I am. I am proud of my growth and know there are great things ahead for me, my family and anyone who takes a chance.

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