06 June 2016

Stockholm, Sweden

I only wish we had longer in the "Venice of the North," with it's canals and water-ways, lush green forests and beautiful blondes.

Opted to leave the stroller at home...did a lot of carrying of a 37 pound child.

We spent our first three days overseas in this chic Scandinavian city. It really does look like Minnesota in many ways (no wonder so many Swedes immigrated to Minnesota in the late 1800's/early 1900's).

Ett Hem - stay here if you have the opportunity

Ett Hem at 10 pm at night. Still light!

Highlights included staying at small boutique hotel, spending 3 hours on a wooden boat while touring the archipelago and eating tasty Nordic cuisine. 

Boat ride on the archipelago

Our time was too short to visit all of the museums, restaurants, gardens and forests we had hoped. In all reality, we only had two full days here. And those days weren't jam-packed with sightseeing. We all had a hard time adjusting to the time change and lack of darkness, which meant less time for long days on-the-go.

Spent more time in this bed than we had planned, thanks to jet lag. Yes, it was as comfortable as it looks!

The courtyard at Ett Hem where we ate numerous meals

Breakfast every morning

Instead, we enjoyed our surroundings, soaked in deep bathtubs, snuggled in woolen blankets in the courtyard and ate delicious food. We did make it to the Gamla Stan, or old town, for ice cream, and walked through the beautiful neighborhoods, but left so many stones unturned.

Waiting for breakfast while reading books from the library

Next stop: Reykjavik, Iceland, a 3 hour airplane ride.

We flew Iceland Air from Stockholm to Reykjavik. The airline provided stickers and free
breakfast for the kids, including Skyr (Icelandic yoghurt)

Norway from the skies

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