16 January 2016

Snowshoeing the Foothills

One of the great parts about living in Boise is the ease of access to the outdoors. Whether facing the blazing hot summer sun, or the cold, short-daylight in the winter, there is rarely an excuse to keep one indoors.

The coloring book and pens I received for Christmas! This isn't the excuse that keeps
me busy inside...usually it's an unnamed 2.5 year old!

I admit, that I often come up with an excuse to stay inside when the extreme temperatures hit, but if I were really tough, I could get out there and enjoy myself. The activities are endless, if you have the gear and knowledge. From cross-country skiing and night-skiing at Bogus Basin Mountain to river rafting on the main fork of the Payette River to mountain biking the endless miles of single track trails, enjoying the outdoors is a pleasure, within less than an hour of downtown.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove about 15 miles from our home, up into the foothills, just below Bogus Basin Mountain for a snowshoe hike with our friends. We have had a great year for snow in our mountains, something we aren't always so lucky to have at this elevation. With another recent snow, the trails were lovely, blanketed in deep, clean snow.

The little girls were packed into hiking backpacks on their dad's backs, Lizzy had 3-month-old Graham in a Baby Björn carrier and we headed out on a lovely sunset hike. There were great views of the snow-covered trees and even a few clear glimpses of the city of Boise far below. And no snowy hike would be complete without a snow angel.

The city of Boise, waaaayyyy in the distance.