02 December 2015

The Nutcracker Jr

We may not have the newest Broadway plays showing in Boise or romantic symphonies filling our auditoriums, but there are always opportunities for the performing arts no matter where you live. I grew up loving music; singing in the church choir, playing the alto saxophone from middle school through high school and always enjoying a live concert. I hope to instill a love of the arts in Kiki, no matter where we live.

During a recent Monday morning at preschool, one of the parents was talking about a shortened performance of the Nutcracker for young children. I wrote a note to myself to look up the specifics later, thinking this would be a great introduction to ballet and performances for her. 

The Caldwell Fine Arts Center puts on an hour-long version of the Nutcracker, called Nutcracker, Jr., for families who can't quite sit through the two-act ballet. This was a great exposure to one of the most famous ballets, filled with familiar music, Christmas trees and the nutcracker doll. There is event an optional tea party following the performance (maybe next year).

We invited our good friends, Isabel (2 years old) and Lizzy and my mom, Nonny. The girls did extremely well sitting through an hour long performance. There was some chatter and moving, but overall, I think they enjoyed their first experience at the ballet. 

I hope that the lights and curtains and music made some impression deep in their brains today. With so much pressure for screen-time, the live entertainment of Peter Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker made me appreciate the fine art of live music and dance today. 

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