02 June 2015

Friends & a Crawfish Boil

The hardest thing about moving to a new city is meeting friends. We have done our fair share of moving - we know how to say good-byes and also welcome new people into our lives. Luckily, we are done moving for a long time. Boise is our home now.

We have a great circle of friends here and after 2 years of being in this city, we feel like we have people to count on and be ourselves around. Our Boise "village" started in Albuquerque. A group of us had trained at the University of New Mexico Hospital at the same time and ended up settling in Boise. When we reunited, we met friends of friends and quickly formed our Boise family. 

So, when my friend Ben and I were talking about throwing a party, I knew it would be a great reason to celebrate our village. The Crawfish Boil party idea was born and we went with it! 

We held the party at our house on Saturday night. Most of us happened to have family in town visiting, so it was also an opportunity for all of our parents to meet one another. It was also a wonderful night to be reminded how lucky we are to have these friends in our lives. 

Enjoy some of the pictures from the evening!

Ben, co-host, and crawfish boil master (and his adorable mom!)

Mud bugs!

My beautiful friends Kim, Abby, Jenny and Jillian

Rick and LynnDee Peterson, Kari's parents, who also joined us in Hawaii

Jenny, Lizzy, me and Kari

Dumping the food!

The party people
A feast with friends on a beautiful evening in Boise.
Thanks for a memorable evening, friends and family! 

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