26 May 2015


Part of the fun of being a member of the medical community are the conferences throughout the year, held in major cities throughout the world. These meetings are for networking with colleagues from around the globe, completing continuing education credits and hearing the late-breaking clinic trials. They are also an excuse to book a getaway as a couple or family.

Walking the Freedom Trail (in my new Vans!)

This year, the Heart Rhythm Society, held it's annual meeting in Boston. We decided to go without Kiki, to enjoy a few days on the East Coast. There would be eating and drinking and shopping. Late nights and miles of walking.

I packed fancy dresses, high heels, and left the diaper bag and stroller at home.

My lovely parents watched Kiki and everyone had a great time. It truly is a gift to have parents that can watch your children while you get away. And I think I can speak for my parents when I say it is a gift for them too!

Dinner at Menton

Without our little monkey, we had a flexible schedule and no curfew. There were many highlights. The most memorable dinner was a 9-course menu at Menton, a French restaurant in Fort Point. Beautiful presentation, top-notch service and great company. We ate late lunches, that included oysters on the half shell and clam chowder at Legal Seafood. We imbibed at happy hour at our hoppin' hotel, The Liberty Hotel, which used to be a jail.

Oysters on the half shell

Happy Hour at Clink! 

I shopped on Newbury Street and spent a morning in the South End, which is filled with unique boutiques, including Olives and Grace.

We were lucky enough to spend an evening on the harbor on a yacht that offered picture-perfect views of Boston at sunset.

Danny and me with his partner, Marcos and wife Sarah

We really enjoyed our time away, but were so ready to get back to our Kiki Bird. Being away as a couple is important, but we are also reminded of the benefits of traveling with a child when we are without her (I read this article while we were on the plane). Our next adventure is coming up soon and we will have her eager eyes and contagious excitement about the world as we explore together. Stay tuned for where our passports are going to get stamped.

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