06 April 2015

The Magic of Being Two

A two-year-old's birthday really is special.

There isn't the mind-blowing feeling of when your baby turns "1" and the children don't expect anything as they may when they turn three. They are simply happy in their little shoes, discovering the world around them without any judgements or fears. The world is full of all things new and exciting.

At two, Kiki is confident in her likes and dislikes. She is happy with all that her body can do like run and jump and climb. Her vocabulary is rapidly expanding so she can now communicate what she needs and wants. Life is really good for her now - she is comfortable.

I know there will soon come a day where there are more challenges and feelings and fears and hurts. So, this weekend, as I watched the wonder in her eyes and the love pour all around her, I couldn't help but feel a little twang in my heart. Knowing that she is growing so fast and that the world won't always be this simple for her.

The most special moment this weekend was watching Kiki as her favorite people sang her the "Birthday Song." The expression on her face, with the glow of two candles on her cake, as we serenaded her, was priceless. It was a moment I wanted to last for much longer than it did. She felt so special. And her face lit up with the most joy I have ever seen on anyone's face.

Happy "2nd" Birthday, sweet Keira!

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Jessie said...

Ooohhhh!!! I can't believe she is 2! Time sure does fly by. Our kids are at such a fun age. Miss seeing you and Danny at the hospital!