05 March 2015

23 months (gasp!)

A year ago, I had this pang inside me, thinking of our little girl turing one soon. As another year has rolled around, I am settling into my role as a mommy and trying to take all things in stride. And for a use-to-be list-maker/list-checker, it hasn't always been easy. But, these days, I'm slowing down and enjoying the little things.

So as we settle into this last month before Kiki turns two, I share some of my favorite moments.

"Mommy carry you," says Kiki. This is the most adorable saying, as she still hasn't figured out pronouns. I hang onto these sweet phrases knowing she will all too quickly self-correct.

"Ring Around the Rosie" - She requests this song and spinning over and over.

Building with Blocks - Kiki received a huge bag of blocks on her 1st birthday and they are getting so much use. They are durable, easy to stack and have given her hours of entertainment.

Coloring - Kiki loves to color for 10 minute increments throughout the day. I have a box of markers and colored pencils, stickers and a few coloring books set up at her mini table and chairs. She practices saying her colors and gets into the movement of scribbling and creating.

"Watch news" - After spending some screen time on our airplane flights to and from Hawaii, Kiki has been requesting to "watch the news" once or twice a day. I'll let her watch 15 minutes of some dancing or singing or counting show and can't help but giggle when she starts rocking out in dance moves.

Kisses and Big Hugs - she is in that beautiful phase of handing out random kisses and big hugs. But let's not forget that she often says, "no" when I request them. I'll take what I can get.

Little girl, you are a sweetheart. You make me smile.

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