04 January 2015

Cross-Country Skiing at Bogus Basin

I am finally putting my cross-country skis to use. They have been sitting in our garages in New Mexico, Salt Lake City, and here up until this past week. In the past 3 days I have used them TWICE.

You may not know it, but Boise has a ski resort located 16 miles out of town, up Bogus Basin Road. We can see Bogus Basin lit up at night from our bedroom window. Downhill or cross-country skiing is only 45 minutes away - how is that for convenient? And this year the snow has been falling.

Yesterday, Kiki and I joined our good friends Ben and Lizzy and their daughter Isabel for a day of skiing. While Ben was taking skate-skiing lessons, Lizzy and I decided we would ski with the girls (Dan was on call). We packed up our Chariot (a multifunctional child carrier) equipped with skis and a waist belt, and Lizzy was able to rent one at the lodge for $10.

We dressed the girls in long underwear, snow pants and jackets, hats and mittens and tucked them in to their carriers. Kiki shed a few tears, but quickly decided skiing was fun. Isabel took right to it and napped for an hour of the ride. Lizzy and I logged an hour and a half of skiing on a beautiful day.  

I really hope that Kiki and I can get up to ski on a regular basis. It is so easy to do and a good outdoor experience for her and me. Before I know it, she will be on her own skinny skis, scooting along the trails and racing downhill, while I struggle to keep up(right). 

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