28 January 2015

Big Girl

We had such a lovely weekend visiting with friends. We packed our days with kid-friendly outings and hired a babysitter for nighttime so the adults could go out on the town. We got up early and stayed out late.

One of my favorite parts of staying with families (& parents more experienced than me) is what I learn about parenting. I love to see how other families conduct mealtimes, what their kids are capable/allowed/able to do on their own, what bedtimes look like and where they go on outings.

Kiki also learned from watching other children go through their routines this weekend. The two lovely girls we stayed with are almost 2-years-old and almost 5-years-old. Both attend a Montessori school and have learned so many skills that I found fascinating.

Nora, just 2 months older than Kiki, can put her coat on all by herself! As a mother of one child, I have never thought of teaching Kiki how to do this. I always just did it myself because I don't attending to any other tiny humans and I didn't realize she was capable of learning that skill yet. 

Breakfast of spinach quiche by chef Mary, enjoyed by Kiki.

Kiki quickly put down her sippy-cup and started requesting a "big girl" cup. And to my surprise, she only dumped it's contents on the floor once or twice. She has used a regular cup at home, but not on a regular basis. Not because of her lack of skill, but because I didn't think she was ready for that next step.

At mealtime, she sat in a chair without being strapped in. She didn't fall off the chair. "No buckle," was stated instead and happiness was written all over her face.

No highchair buckles, no problem.

Nora and Wren were great role-models for Kiki this weekend. Their sweet personalities and independence inspired both Kiki and me to let go of some old habits and acquire new ones.

I may have put her coat on, but she definitely put on her hat.
Two-years-old is right around the corner. Independence is just beginning and I am going to have to learn to let go, little by little.

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