05 January 2015

21 months old

I told someone in the grocery store yesterday that she was 22 months old. How did I get that wrong? I thought I would always know my child's age in months. I might not be able to tell you how old I am, but surely I wouldn't forget her age... Perhaps a sign that 2 years-old is approaching?

I don't want to wish away these months any faster than they are going. It was a month of sweetness, teething, constant movement, having visitors and an exponentially growing vocabulary. While we can't quite put our fingers on all the little changes, we know that she's becoming a full-blown tiny human with words and thoughts and feelings and soul.

Here are some favorite photos from the month:

Learning to accept the snow pants, hats, mittens and boots

Watching daddy in the hot tub 

Lining up babies...and naming them all.

Looking way too grown up while sitting next to Baby No-Hair

Cooking in her kitchen
(Katherine Silus Photography)

Loving playing in the crib with babies

The crew

This smile melts my heart

The first of mother-daughter clothes sharing?

Spending time with our Boise family celebrating Lance's birthday
A Merry Christmas indeed!
(Katherine Silus Photography)

Cooking with her Auntie B

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