06 December 2014

Off the Grid

Yelapa, Mexico
Sometimes we all need to get away. Whether is is escaping deadlines or pagers or diapers. It could be escaping your everyday scene or co-workers. Or maybe you just need to reconnect to your partner.

The get-away could be a yoga class or date night. It could be an overnight in a tent in the woods. I was lucky enough to be whisked away to a far off place called Verana.

"What are we forgetting? Oh yeah, I only have to take care of myself."

Before I was whisked, though, I needed to be convinced to go and leave Kiki behind. The thought of leaving her for 5 days was almost unbearable. I wondered how she would feel and whether she would be scared we weren't coming back. I worried she might get sick and we wouldn't be there for her. I imagined every scenario possible...and of course none of them happened.

30 minute boat ride it takes to reach Verana. It's quite remote.

My dear friend Anna gave me the best advice before we left. She said, "Just make a promise to yourself that you aren't going to be in two places at once.  You made the commitment to be in Mexico, so be present in Mexico & have FUN." Besides the daily Kiki photos that both Dan and I swooned over, we disconnected from the rest of the world and were present in the moment. 

We stayed in the Studio.
Verana is a magical place just south of Puerto Vallarta, that we visited 4 years ago before we were married. Since that visit, this place has been coined "Our Favorite Relaxing Vacation Spot" and we knew we would return. We hoped the charm wouldn't be gone years later. The jungle spa proved to be just as spectacular as we remembered.

We treated ourselves to spa treatments daily, woke up without an alarm, ate fresh food prepared by gracious hosts and sat by the pool reading books. We had plenty of time to talk, uninterrupted. We splashed in the pool and watched baby Humpback whales jump in the ocean. We had quality time for one another and ourselves. We even made friends with the other 3 couples (yes, there were only 8 of us staying here) getting away from it all. And the staff was helpful and friendly.

As much as we both needed that getaway, we both commented on how this trip made us realize that we like to travel with Kiki. It felt like a little something was always missing. I guess it just proved to me that traveling without your children makes you appreciate those little moments that can be overlooked on a daily basis. We couldn't wait to get home to Kiki and can't wait to take our next big vacation in February with her.

Kiki, the morning we left, happy as can be with her Nanny, Melanie.

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