22 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Our house has been bustling this past week. Christmas is in full swing and it feels so good to be in our new(ish) house celebrating with family. The Silus family has all been in town and it was so fun to have one overlapping day when we were all together. B, Anthony and Metro left for Portland yesterday and the kitchen seems empty without them (B spoiled us with sourdough bread every morning, quiches, pies, biscuits and cookies). The rest of us will enjoy a week without work, maybe a ski day, hot-tubbing and way too much imbibing. 

Oh, and I will continuing skipping to the mailbox every day to eagerly see the Christmas cards that await!

Merry Christmas, from the Noonans.

Kiki and her new buddy, Metro.

Teatime with Anthony.

Morning literature with Auntie B

Chilaquiles made by our friend Esau.

Adding candy canes to the tree with Daddy.
I remember doing this with my dad at Christmas.

Ugly sweater party at the Prier's.
Beef tenderloin and salmon Christmas dinner.

Dave carving the beef tenderloin.

New teepee!! Just need to convince Kiki to get in it without me.

Holiday Music Together class

Stories in Christmas jammies
Cooking with Auntie B.

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