05 November 2014

19 months old

Last night, I scrolled through my iPhone in search of videos of Kiki, a pastime of which I never tire. I cherish all of the photographs I have of her, but the videos really remind me how much she is changing every day. Her jerky infant dances have evolved into carefully executed movements. The precision in her fingers can now pick up tiny objects and place them in just the right spaces. These short videos document changes and pull me back in time to enjoy the moments over again.

At 19 months old, Kiki is in full toddler mode. The wonder in her eyes as she discovers newness around her are my favorite moments of the day. Less favorite, but still an important part of toddlerhood, are the tears and frustration and testing. Something new happens every day and I grasp at trying to remember all of these moments. I know they will blur together in months time.

Part of why I write these entries is to document my memories of this time in my (our) life. I also keep a baby book, which was mostly completed, but still has room for a few more milestones. I also try to write a short, daily journal entry in my "Mom's One Line A Day" notebook. Someday we will all look back at these pieces of history and read our story.

Kiki's story this month was one of mental growth. Associations are being made and more words are popping up every day. Some of my favorites are: "I love you," "big truck, heavy," "more vegetables," "Daddy jumpy, Mommy jumpy," "toothpaste." Least favorite word: "No." (Note: these are all said in a very sweet, high-pitched voice and "accent")

First visit to an apple orchard

Walks and requesting to wear a winter hat

Sometimes it is hard...

Sorting by size. Concentration.

This month Kiki visited an apple orchard, strolled to many neighborhood parks, read books galore, gave lots of hugs, played with friends (Crewe, Harlow, Leona, Sydney, Isabel, Makena, Liliana, Cam and Dylan), rode on a train, celebrated Halloween in jammies, created art with markers, crayons, stickers and paint, and was present at midterm voting with her mother.

What's up your sleeve for this next month, little lady?

19 months old

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