27 October 2014

The Sowieja Family Comes to Boise

My best friend from college and her beautiful family visited us in Boise this weekend. Katie, Ben and their two lovely children, Liliana (almost 4 years) and Emmett (6 months) landed at BOI on Thursday night and stayed through Sunday.

Do you have friends you don't get to see often enough, but once you reconnect it's like you never spent time apart? I am blessed with this kind of friendship with my freshman college roommate, Katie. Living in different states means our visits are less frequent than we'd like, and having small children means our phone conversations are rare. But we share a bond that keeps us close despite these distances.

Just babies...
Our friendship has seen us through "growing up" at college, meeting the men in our lives, getting married, finding jobs, traveling internationally and having children. Katie may not know all of my day to day routines anymore, but she knows where I've come from. She knows what makes me who I am, and I know what makes her who she is today.

This weekend was a good mix of reminiscing about the good-old-days at St John's/St Ben's and creating new memories as our girls rode a Halloween train together, our husbands putzed around the house and we walked to the park with our babes.

Thanks for the visit, Katie and Ben. What a lovely weekend it was!

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