13 October 2014


Recharging. That's what we were working on this past week.

We spent vacation days at home and enjoyed a slower pace of life. Dan and I are working on balance in our lives and paying more attention to areas that have been neglected for too long. A staycation was just what we needed to re-enforce some good habits. 

First and foremost is the habit of fitness. You would think it would be a no-brainer for a cardiologist and a "retired" cardiology pharmacist to practice what they preach. We used to do it so well...then life happened. Too much work, not enough free time, a child. And a little bit of laziness. 

We finally realized we were making too many excuses and had fallen into BAD habits. We needed to change our goals and reevaluate how we would achieve those goals. Preventing heart disease, obesity and fitting comfortably into our clothes are some of our goals today - goals that are less about how we look and more about how we feel. We can no longer go to the gym for two hours every night (we actually used to do this in New Mexico!) and instead we need to have higher intensity, shorter workouts at home. We need to keep one another motivated and accountable. 

Dan made the decision and ordered Insanity (a high intensity, 60-day, at home workout). It arrived in the mail and we have been going strong for 10 days! We are both really enjoying the videos and feel challenged. We have a long ways to go, but know we are working towards important goals. It's been easy on vacation (no work schedule to get in the way). We must stay motivated as we go into a workweek today.

Nutrition and eating healthy is another top priority that goes hand in hand with goal number one. Friday night, we watched a documentary called Fed Up about the food industry and the dangerous message Americans have been sold about nutrition for so many years. It saddens me to see what people deem as "healthy." I am grateful for my understanding of whole foods. After watching this documentary, I feel some responsibility to get involved in educating our local community about food. As a pharmacist, I am trained in teach people about their health, no matter what their age, language, literacy or education. Maybe a future aspiration for me.

Another personal goal of mine is to carve out more time for me. I have started reading novels again and I just finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I read the majority of the book on my iPhone Kindle app. I really enjoyed this way of reading a book - always with me, easy to read in bed, equipped with a dictionary and "hours remaining" tab. I enjoyed the book and deciding what to read next.  Any suggestions?

Some other highlights of the week included: watching Cardinals playoff baseball, walking to the parks, running barefoot through the cool grass, seeing the solar eclipse, spending time with friends and buying pumpkins.

While we are sad to see the days of staycation come to an end, we all feel excited about the Fall days ahead of us and some exciting things planned for the upcoming months (more on that later)! 

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