05 October 2014

18 months, my dear

Before my eyes, you have turned into a little girl. You are no longer a baby.

Honestly, I wouldn't wish to be back in those newborn days/week/months. I appreciate them now because we survived and I am better for it. But they were challenging in a way I don't even know how to describe. They were hard in a good way.

Today you amaze me.

I watch the wheels in your brain turn as you experience your small world around you. You tell me you would like to go for a walk and to the park. You talk about your friends Maya and Neenee and Leonie (all real people, but slightly altered pronunciations).

You talk about the potty. Although you have never used one.

Upon meeting strangers, you bend down and point to your new sparkling shoes.

You've mastered some animal names and sounds: owls=hoo-hoo, dog=woof, cat=meow, horse=neigh and cow=moo.

Mealtimes are full of "Cheers."

I can make you belly laugh with funny faces. If only I could guarantee those funny faces would make you laugh forever.

Your love for life is contagious and you make our lives richer every day.  Happy 18 months to you, my dear.

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