05 September 2014

We fall more and more in love with you...

My little bird, you are turning into the loveliest little girl!

And today you turn 17 months old.

Every day we learn more about you.  And we learn more about ourselves.

We fall more and more in love with who you are, what you do and all you are learning.

Some (but certainly not all) of our favorites things about you:

1.  How you love to kiss and hug and love your "babies"

2.  Your vocabulary that seems to be exponentially expanding - Owl, cheese, pasta, Boppy (Grandpa Silus), "neigh" for horse...

3.  Your fascination with the moon.

4.  Your gentle kisses.

5.  Your soft and kind manner.  

7.  How you still hold our hands for assistance when the terrain is little too steep or bumpy.

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