03 September 2014

Friends, old and new

Sprit of Boise from our patio

This Labor Day weekend was a great unofficial end to the summer.

We had family time at home and enjoyed the cooler air coming through open windows.  We sat in the hot tub and peacefully watched the moon shine and stars light up the sky.  We biked and ran and pushed swings and ate ice cream.  We spent time with friends, old and new.

Happy husband at home

Breakfast al fresco

With the start of the school year, I am always reminded of the people that have come and gone, or stayed, in my life.  Maybe this time of year gets you thinking about those people too.  Elementary through high school, college, graduate school, residencies and fellowships...these chapters have gifted us with so many good people.  

Matt Swanson and me in Boise
Saturday night, we had a group of our Boise friends over for dinner along with an old friend of mine from elementary school, Matt, and his wife, Jethe, who were in Boise for a wedding.  As I was talking with Matt and our friend's daughter, Makena, I realized that Matt and I were Makena's age when we first met.  It doesn't seem like that long ago we had met...but it was in fourth grade!  

I have been enjoying everyone's "First Day of School" photos, and can't help but to think of the friends your children will make this year.  I can't help but think of my little girl and the friends she has already made and wonder where their paths might cross twenty years from now.  It's good to bring old people back into your life after so much time.  

Keira, Makena and Sydney

I hope you also had a weekend filled with friends, old and new, and have a great start to Fall.

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