15 September 2014

Compounding in the Kitchen

I love to cook and I really love to bake. One of the reasons I studied pharmacy is because it's like cooking with drugs. Both subjects involve measuring, dissolving, mixing, triturating with a mortar and pestle...and in the end you have compounded something that hopefully makes people feel better. When hasn't an 8x8" pan of made-from-scratch brownies made someone feel better?

While I am not currently practicing pharmacy, I do a lot of compounding in the kitchen. I re-create recipes from Pinterest and flip through my favorite cookbook, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison, to find our next meal. Some nights I even whip together something pretty tasty, without a recipe, while cleaning out the fridge. I guess you could say it's my hobby.

But, many nights I struggle with what to make. I want to make something healthy and satisfying. Quick, yet creative. And my biggest challenge is having all of the ingredients to a meal in my kitchen before the "witching hour" hits (for those of you who have not experienced the phenomenon known as the "witching hour" it is the hour(s) before bed when children are unpredictable/hell-on-wheels/labile).  I would rather eat toast for dinner than go to the store with my child at 5:00pm.

I still haven't caught on to meal planning for the week, shopping on Sundays and knowing exactly what we will be eating every night of the week. It's been a New Year's resolution many times...a failed New Year's resolution. So, my goal is to think ahead a little, and make at least one interesting meal each week that I will share with you. Maybe you'll be inspired to try a meatless meal or venture out of your cooking confines.

Looking forward to sharing what I'm compounding in our kitchen!

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Melanie Ambriz said...

You always amaze me with new and exciting dishes I have never tried before. You have introduced me to several of my new favorites!