05 August 2014

Sweet Sixteen Months

Baby girl, you are sixteen months old today!

Your vocabulary is blossoming: Mama, Daddy, Nonny, Kat-tee, Kiki, hi, bye, apple, mooh (for moon), happy, up, bubbles, e-i-e-i-oh! and uh-oh.

You are associating pictures in books with real-life objects - the moon in "Goodnight Moon" to the moon in the sky, a picture of a panda bear with your stuffed animal panda, ladybugs in books with your ladybug scooter.

You love to pretend feed your babies (Big Rabbit, Lee, Multi Colored Bunny, Blue Bunny, Mr Raccoon) with your tea set.

Filling buckets with water and rocks is a favorite pastime.  Bath time is a highlight of the day and you are starting to sit in my lap while I read your stories.

You test your limits by sometimes pinching mom and throwing your food on the floor and saying "uh oh."

I can still count on 1 nap per day (usually the morning nap), a rest in the afternoon (usually lots of singing and playing with stuffed animals/no sleeping) and a solid chunk of sleep at night.  Mom loves her sleep - so thank you!

You hug on command, perform baby yoga when asked and can assist me in making my morning cup(s) of coffee.

You are TALL, girlfriend!  You are as big as most 2 year olds and your last pediatrician visit confirmed those long legs (94th %ile in height).

If I had to describe you in four words is would use: gentle, loving, inquisitive and cautious.

But, most of all, you bring so much joy to this world - you have so many admirers!


Gage said...

What a great adventure! You two are one in a million!

Jessie said...

Lauren- she is getting so big! Beautiful and smart. I miss having you down here in SLC.