28 August 2014

Foothills of Boise by Mountain Bike

We jumped right back in to life in the foothills after mostly recovering from jet lag. The weather in Boise was exceptional this past week, with highs reaching only into the low 80's. We took advantage by taking plenty of walks, visiting the playgrounds and wearing sweatshirts in the morning.  

Kiki and her friend, Leona, at Memorial Park.

Boise foothills right out our door.
It feels good to be back in the mountains.

About a month ago, Danny bought a mountain bike. It's red and fancy and perfect for exploring the miles of single-track trails right out our back door. He hasn't gotten to ride it as much as he would like - the first year in practice is pretty demanding - but I know it will become a favorite pastime of his.  So many of our friends ride bikes here that it only seems natural to take up the sport.

I had to see what this mountain biking was all about. So, I summoned the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic biking couple we know, Ben and Lizzy, (who happen to be some of our best friends in Boise) to a double date. Wearing helmets.  

We both arranged babysitters for our girls. And Ben arranged a carbon-framed "Niner" demo for me to ride from G-Fit Studio.

Dan and me on the trail.

I have to admit that I was nervous. This was the first "scary" activity I have done since getting pregnant with Kiki over 2 summers ago. I am admittedly a timid person when it comes to adrenalin-releasing sports. I was proud of myself for pushing past my comfort zone (is this a new theme for me??).

I quickly learned that gear changing isn't intuitive on a mountain bike. There were so many gears and levers to pull or push to make it easier or harder... Going downhill is terrifying - I may have worn out those breaks. And boy did my bum hurt for two days after riding. But it felt good to be outside, doing something active, for me!

Dan, Lizzy (leading the pack) and me.

We celebrated the ride with beers and lunch at 10 Barrel Brewery in Downtown Boise.  We parked our bikes and sat in the warm sun, on a beautiful premature Fall-ish day. This is why we live in Boise.



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