13 June 2014

Bleubird in Boise

I am fond of birds.  I call my child a tiny bird.  I like to feed birds.  I fancy pictures of birds.  So when I found a restaurant in Boise called "Bleubird" I knew I had to check it out.

Bleubird is a sandwich shop on 10th & Bannock in downtown Boise.  It's only open Monday through Friday, serving creative sandwiches and fresh salads (as well as beer & wine) in a hopping environment.  Every time I have driven by, there is a line out the door.  This hardly ever happens in our little town.  So when it does, it's for good reason!  And don't be scared away...the line moves quickly for those hurried lunchers.

Today, Dan and I met for a lunch date before we had a meeting at the bank (we are home owners now!) and I picked Bleubird.  We sat at the counter while the owner, Sarah, and another sandwich maker, whipped up their creations.  People buzzed about as they enthusiastically called out sandwich orders - a great thing going on here.

While this was our first time eating at Bleubird we used them to cater Kiki's first birthday party.  The husband-wife team created a gorgeous spread for our gathering and I would definitely use them again for future parties.  Their food is fresh, local, simple but creative.  And after dining at their sandwich shop, it's a llunchtime dining go-to for me.

There is a reason the line is out the door.

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