20 May 2014

Visiting with old friends, but as a new family

We are at the time in our lives when our peers are starting families or adding on with tiny human #2 or #3 or #4 even.  Medical training took our 20- and 30-something-selves to four different states (MN, NM, UT and ID).  We have been so fortunate to experience living in different parts of the country and have met great people along the way.  The downside is that we don't live close to many of our dear friends and family.

While Facebook, Instagram and Vine help to bridge that distance, the in-person visits with old friends are the best.  And it's even better when you can pick up right where you left off without skipping a beat.  And even better than that?  Meeting your friends' new baby!

We were spoiled with a visit from our friends this past weekend.  Zach and Kate are from Minnesota and completed part of their medical training with Dan at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.  They also happened to overlap a year in Salt Lake City with us.  We have had some great times with Zach and Kate - we just seem to get each other and it's so easy to hang out with them.  We were thrilled to hear that they would be visiting us in Boise as part of their vacation to Salt Lake City (it's only a 45 minute flight from SLC > BOI). 

Hiking Bob's Trail in Boise, ID
The icing on the cake was that we met their newest addition, 10-week-old Ben! 

Ben, 10 weeks.  Keira, 13 months.

It was really amazing to see Zach and Kate as parents. I haven't experienced too many close friends become parents since I have been a parent...there is something really special about seeing that change in people.  They seem to be naturals, adjusting to their new normal and loving their cutie pie.

Being around a 10-week-old infant reminded me of where I was about a year ago, when Kiki was just a baby.  It's so easy to only remember the roses (lots of cuddles, easy to transport, sleeping in carseats). What's forgotten are those things that pull at your heart strings, make you anxious and cause you to question yourself as a mom/dad (learning their hungry cry vs. wet cry vs. tired cry, being sleep deprived, nursing ALL of the time, having little time as husband and wife).  I look back and am amazed that we made it (all alive) and I am starting to forget those trying, early days and weeks.  It also made me realize how much I have learned about myself and my child and my family.  Sometimes I even feel like I know what I am doing! 

Getting together with old friends is so good for the soul.  It brings us back to where we once came from (before kids) and let's us relive memories that sometimes seem so distant (late nights drinking wine over tapas).  There is laughing and crying and remembering and planning for the next visit.  And while looking back or dreaming of tomorrow are fabulous, being in the present and sharing what we are experiencing today is sometimes just what we need.  At least it's what I need.

Thanks for the visit, Zach and Kate and Ben.  It was a pleasure to meet your little peanut - such a happy baby who is so loved!  I can't wait to watch him grow and you all grow as a family!    

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