26 March 2014

Scottsdale Getaway

We needed to get out of town.   The pager had been buzzing too many times on the weekends and the work days had turned into 14 hour days.  What is a wife and mother to do?

Visiting Dan at work...making sure he was
still alive
Kiki visiting Dad at work

I found the warmest, sunniest, direct-flight destination and promptly booked flights and a hotel.  Best decision I've made all year.

A good monkey, with Pink Monkey, on our direct flight to Phoenix
Scottsdale in March is lovely.  The temperature warms into the 80's during the day and the evenings cool into the 50's.  The sun feels luxurious and the sky is free of clouds.  There is something magical about the desert and reminds me of our time in Albuquerque.

Beautiful patios to soak up the sun
Montelucia Resort and Spa

Views of Camelback Mountain

I usually start my hotel search on Tripadvisor.com.  I read other traveler's reviews, check the hotel's website and cross-reference with other travel sites like frommers.com or fodors.com.  For this trip, I knew we wanted a pool and onsite dining options.  We chose the Montelucia Resort and Spa.  There were so many different types of rooms that it was a bit overwhelming picking one.  Ultimately, we were happy with our single room near the back of the hotel.  It was private, with a walk-out patio and unobstructed views of Camelback Mountain.

I never thought about this before we started traveling with a baby, but where do you think Kiki slept? Sure, she slept in her Baby Bjorn travel crib...but where??  In the bathroom, of course!  Babies go to bed early, even on vacation.  It's hard to walk around your single hotel room with a baby sleeping in the corner.  The solution is to tuck them into the bathroom, turn on the sound machine, set up a monitor, and shut the door.  The adults are then free to walk about the room.  Just don't plan on using the potty in the middle of the night - gasp!

We spent our early mornings (which started around 5:00am thanks to the time change) strolling the grounds of the hotel as the birds were chirping and the sun was rising.  We went to the pool once it warmed up and tested out Kiki's new floaty.  Dan and I escaped separately to the hotel gym during nap time.  We enjoyed the evenings on the patio, sipping wine and ordering room service.

We met my Aunt Judy and Uncle Tom for lunch at Carlsbad Tavern.  It was great to see family and finally introduce them to Kiki!
Judy, Tom, Dan, Kiki and me at Carlsbad Tavern

Black beans!
Most importantly, we had time together as a family of three without outside interruptions.  It's not always the most relaxing traveling with an almost one year old (their routines still need to be honored), but it was so worth it.  Scottsdale seems like a great warm weather destination from Boise - easy, fast and affordable.

Packing essentials for a warm weather getaway with a toddler:
1. Umbrella stroller (Uppababy G-luxe)
2. Baby carrier (Baby Bjorn)
3. Travel Crib (Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light 2)
4. Sound machine and Baby monitor/Ustream on laptop 
5. Pool floaty
6. Favorite toys and books (I could tell she missed her toys and space at home)
7. Sunhat, sun screen, coverup, sandals
8. Sippy cup, baby spoon, baby bowl with cover, healthy foods for baby

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