17 March 2014

Get out and go!

Traveling has always been one of our favorite pastimes.  It was something both Dan and I enjoyed before we met one another and something we continued to make a priority as a couple.  We are now trying to redefine travel as a family so we can keep those frequent flier miles.

Wine tasting in Sonoma, CA, before Kiki.
Living in Boise means a (fairly) laid-back lifestyle (when someone isn't working 80 hour weeks), no traffic and easy access to the outdoors.  But, travel times are usually very early or very late and involve one or two connections before reaching our final destination.  Not ideal with a tiny human under the age of one who is almost walking and doesn't like to sleep anywhere but in her crib. 

Keira's first flight at 3 months old.  Minneapolis bound!
So, instead of forgoing travel for the next few years, I have to put on my big girl pants and take a chance.  Take a chance that Kiki might cry the entire flight or that she may enjoying waving to her fellow passengers as a happy toddler.  Take a chance that flights will be delayed or that we may arrive to our destination on time.  Take a chance that giving her Benadryl (Dad's idea) will cause her to be sleepy on a red-eye and not paradoxically wired (a phenomenon well-known to an educated doctor of pharmacy).
Arriving at SFO late in the evening.  There were tears on this flight.
These are all normal fears for new parents, I assume.  Sometimes these fears paralyze families into staying put or moving their passports to the back file folder.  Our hope is to overcome these fears, face the sometimes less-than-ideal realities and get out there and show this amazing world to our daughter. 

Second trip to Minnesota, just Mom and Baby.
After all, she needs some stamps in that passport!

We haven't done any overseas trips (yet), but we have made a number of domestic flights in these almost 12 months of being a family.  Most of them have gone extremely well with some careful planning and patience and realistic expectations.

Dan is usually cool as a cucumber as long as things are going smoothly (aka, no one (including me) is crying).  He's comfortable stopping for a beer or glass of wine before getting on our flight (maybe that's his way of calming his nerves).  I, however, show a bit more angst as I am rummaging through our Timbuktu, finding the precise location of each item (diaper, Vasoline, toy car, pacifier).  I am neurotically checking my watch and debating about the perfect time to change Kiki's diaper o n e  l a s t  t i m e.  Who has time for a glass of vino??

I'm sure we were pacing while taking this photo.
My advice to myself and other new parents is to take that adventure and run.  Expect the best from your little one and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  And even if the travel is crummy, the time away with your family far outweighs bumps in the road.  

Bon voyage!!

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