10 March 2014

36th Street Garden Center and Bistro

This is where I would go with girlfriends for shopping and lunch.  Or with my baby...

It's a rainy Monday in Boise.  It's been raining because I just had my outside windows washed.  We need the rain, so I'm not complaining.  And it gives us an excuse to find some new activities.

After reading books and climbing the stairs this morning, I felt like Kiki and I needed a little field trip.  The 36th Street Garden Center has been on my list of places to visit and today seemed like a good day.

The Garden Center is a huge building with large windows and a dome to let in all of the natural high desert sunlight.  The space is filled with orchids and ferns, colorful planting pots and garden furniture.  If the warmish weather hasn't been enough to get you excited for Spring, walk through this space and you will be digging out your gardening clogs.

A friendly woman helped me pick out a glass terrarium to house my new Tillandsia (a species of epiphytes or "air plants").  These air plants are so cool - they don't require soil, but rather sit on just about an surface...glass, driftwood, rocks or seashells.  They prefer a well-lit area and need to be soaked about once a week (don't worry, they come with a "How to care for your Air Plant" tutorial).  Simple and beautiful!

After we picked out our air plant, we headed to the far end of the Garden Center where there is a Bistro.  We were there slightly after the lunch hour, but it was still filled with ladies having lunch and tables where old friends were chatting over coffees.  They are also open for dinner and regularly host wine dinners or holiday menus.  I ordered from their to-go menu: The Bistro Falafel with a side salad.  It was quickly prepared and packaged and Kiki and I were on our way.

I will definitely be going back to both the 36th Street Garden Center and the Bistro.  I spotted a few other things that would look great in our home and on our patio.  Patio season is almost upon us.

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