03 January 2014

Blooming Babies

Kiki and I finally made it to the Thursday 10:30 am Blooming Babies story time at the downtown Boise Public Library.  I had been meaning to go for months, but it usually falls during Keira's morning nap.  With an early wakeup time and shorter than normal nap, we packed up and headed downtown.

The Boise library is a vibrant place, full of young and old.  Honestly, I hadn't been to a public library since I was in pharmacy school nearly 6 years ago.  Stepping in the doors with Kiki and walking through the children's section instantly brought back memories of the Wayzata and Long Lake, Minnesota, public libraries in the 1980's.  I remember checking out bags of books, listening at story time and begging to bring home one of those germ-filled and well loved stuffed animal puppets.

The Blooming Babies story time happens twice a week, when parents and their little ones file in and sit on tiered steps.  An older woman with a grey bob haircut and colorful glasses sets up her puppets and boom box and and books.  She has been doing this for almost 14 years and I'm guessing she is still as enthusiastic about reading and clapping and smiling at curious little faces as she was on that first day.

My favorite part of the morning was looking around at all of the children.  Some were sleepy with crazy hair (clearly it was their nap time too) and others were wearing their rain boots and dancing around.  Others clung to their parents or were too young to watch the librarian.  You may be wondering what Kiki did.  She mostly chewed on her hand, while I bounced her on my knee and took in all of the other little people grooving their bodies and clapping their hands.  I love how babies and children are fascinated by one another.

I can't wait to go back the next time we skip our morning nap.  I think it will be a great place for her to watch people and learn to love reading.  It may also be a good place for her mom to meet some other parents.

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