18 December 2013

Sun Valley

We escaped the inversion happening in Boise and drove the 2.5 hrs to Ketchum, Idaho, on Friday morning.  Dan took a few days of vacation because he works the rest of the month.  We thought a getaway to explore a new part of the state was in order.

An overnight trip is different when you add a baby to the mix.  It means another bag, a stroller, a portable crib, diapers/wipes and a lot of flexibility and patience.  But it also means that we are teaching Kiki to love the adventure of traveling.  We hope that by starting young, she will be really good at packing her bags and leaving the comforts of home.   

Kiki is one of the most easy going babies I have ever met.  She is happy and calm.  She'll let you know when she needs a nap with a polite whimper and is happy to be out seeing new faces and sights.  She sleeps so well in her crib (at home and in her travel crib) but doesn't easily fall asleep in a carseat, stroller or carrier.  This just means that when we are away from home we need a place to put her down for naps (you can look at it as inconvenient or as a nice scheduled break in a busy day).  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Nob Hill Inn, Ketchum, Idaho

We stayed at a wonderful place called the Nob Hill Inn.  It had been recommended to us by multiple people.  They had a winter price special going on, so we splurged and booked a suite.  The third floor room had a wonderful view of the Sawtooth Mountains and a huge wrap-around deck.  We have found that a single hotel room isn't very practical when we have a sleeping baby.  A suite lets us hang out in a separate room while she is snoozing away.  In the past, we have found ourselves hanging out in the bathroom, whispering over room service.

Friday evening, after we arrived and settled in, we bundled up and drove the 1 mile to downtown.  The Inn has a SUV shuttle, but with the carseat and not knowing how long we wanted to be out, we drove ourselves.  We found a nice display of Christmas lights and a quaint second-story wine store.

Friday evening, we ate dinner at the hotel restaurant.  The cozy dining room was filled with jolly patrons enjoying their meals and drinks with friends.  Our dinner started with a two popovers in our bread basket.  And ended with a mudpie.  

Saturday morning, we ate a complimentary breakfast in the hotel breakfast room equipped with iPads for guests to read the morning paper.  The breakfast included locally made pastries and to-order eggs and pancakes.  There were plenty of bananas and strawberries to keep Kiki happy. 

After Kiki's 9am -11am nap we headed out to look around town in the daylight.  We stopped at Armstrong-Root Opticians, an optical shop where Dan ended a year-long search for the perfect pair of spectacles (the woman found them on pair #2).  We also found a baby shop called Tator Tots and an ornament store called The Undertakers.  We came away with some fun goodies and fulfilled 2 of our new Christmas traditions

Our day in Ketchum ended at Christina's Restaurant, a hopping joint where the pink prosecco was flowing and patrons were enjoy the sunshine beaming through the windows.  The waitress was so sweet and offered to bring Kiki a fruit plate, gave us a Christmas tree sugar cookie as a parting gift and comped my glass of prosecco.  We will definitely return.

We didn't ski or tour the Sun Valley Lodge.  But we figured it only gives us an excuse to return. Until next time, thanks for the nice overnight excursion, Ketchum.  We will be back!

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