06 December 2013

Eight Months Old

It's hard to believe that this little lady has been with us for eight months.  It's true what they say: The days can be long, but the years (or months) are short.  I am finding this out even though I am consciously trying to savor every day with her.

Thinking back to when she was eight days old or even eight weeks old makes me realize how far she and I have come.  We have grown together and learned together.  At eight days old, her Auntie Katie captured her first photo shoot.  Keira was this little bird who was trying to tell me she was hungry, but I didn't know that hungry cry versus tired cry versus wet diaper cry.  I have since learned to interpret each little whimper or smile or tear.  At eight weeks old she was cooing and smiling at us and we were starting to venture out of the house with more regularity.  We have since flown on an airplane together, just the two of us, and survived.  I can't imagine what I will be saying when she is eight years old!

This month has been one of exploration.  Keira is starting to realize she has some independence (well,  as much independence as a non-crawler can have).  She is learning that she has choices in some matters (sitting versus standing on our laps).  She understands that if she scoots on her tummy in that direction, she will reach that power outlet/toy/table.  And I see her reaching for those cabinet handles, curious to see what is inside.  I really need to baby-proof this house (whatever that means).

The most fun exploration has been in the kitchen with new foods.  What an adventurous eater she has proven herself to be!  I am so excited about this because I am making all of her baby food.  Bananas and avocados are easy foods that require no preparation besides some mashing.  This time of year is also wonderful for trying squashes and pumpkins, roasting beets and potatoes and pureeing split peas with apples.  Tomorrow we are going to roast the delicata squash I found at the grocery store - it will be perfect mashed for those two little bottom teeth to tackle.

With all of her exploration, she continues to be a well-tempered and happy baby.  She loves to scrunch her nose and giggle.  She bites her hand and smiles when she sees her daddy (I think it's her way of containing her excitement).  She is ticklish on her thighs and feet and tummy.  She refuses to let me cut her fingernails or toenails without a putting up a fight, but loves splashing in the bathtub.  She prefers her mommy's arms over anyone else's when I'm in view.  And she loves to turn the pages in her books.

For now, we are enjoying each day for what it is, even when those days feel very long.  I know that looking back, I am going to think how fast these time were.  These times when her life is not complicated, her feelings are simple and pure and she has no worries in the world.  Life is good.  And we are blessed.

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