11 December 2013

Christmas Traditions

I love the idea of practicing Christmas traditions, especially now that we have our own family.  I want to take some of the family traditions we celebrated when I was a child, as well as start some new ones of our own.  These rituals are what make Christmastime really special, in my mind.  And it helps to have these comforting traditions when your own family is miles away. 

Growing up in Minnesota, I always celebrated a White Christmas.  We could almost always count on snow, and bitter cold and short days.  Even now that I've been away from Minnesota over five years, I can't help but wish for piles of snow come December.  There is just something about that beautiful white landscape that makes it really feel like Christmas.  We have some snow on the ground in Boise, but I'm not sure it's going to last until the 25th.  The inner kid in me hopes it sticks around!

In addition to the snow, here are a few other traditions I hope for:

- Baking - I am always looking for an excuse to bake (and eat) cookies.  Whether we are baking for Santa and his reindeer or our neighbors and friends, I hope to have my oven on most of December.  Some of our favorites are Peanut Blossoms and Russian Tea Cakes, Grandma Silus also made Date-filled cookies and Nonny made Tingalings.  

- Ornament - Each year we are going to get Kiki an ornament.  This year, we bought her a cowboy boot!  She is an Idahoan now :)

- Christmas Eve Jammies - I often received flannel pajamas as a Christmas gift growing up.  I loved having a new, cozy pair to lounge around in on Christmas morning.  I think I will give Kiki a new set of PJ's each Christmas Eve so she can be snuggly and warm when she wakes up early to see what Santa brought her.  I may even get myself a pair ;)

- Christmas Day Breakfast - This was a special meal every year in our house growing up.  After opening our presents from Santa and one another, we could get in the kitchen and whip up a feast.  My Dad is usually in charge of the scrambled eggs, my sisters and I try to recreate Nonny's popovers and mimosas are sure to be served.  My Mom sets the table beautifully with our special Christmas plates and glasses.  I hope to continue the tradition of a formal family meal before heading out to friends' or family's 

- Christmas hike or ski - living in the foothills of Boise gives us exceptional access to day hikes, snowshoe trails and downhill or XC ski adventures.  Whether it's Christmas Day or December 26, I want to get our family out for some fresh air and exercise.

- Crafting...  This will have to wait a few years, but I can't wait to get out the glue sticks and glitter and popsicle sticks and whatever other crafty goodness I can come up with.  Pinterest better watch out.

I know this list will evolve as time goes on and as Kiki grows.  Some years we will travel, other years we will host our families and like this year, sometimes it'll just be the three of us.  Whatever traditions we continue or make our own, this will always be a time of year filled with memories of family, both present and those gone.  Tradition is what keeps those old memories near.  

Merry Christmas!

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Katie Silus said...

That photo is a blast from the past! Wow!