04 August 2010

The Great Outdoors

It's been an extra warm New Mexico summer. The locals have even said so themselves. The monsoons are starting to arrive--all this means is that it maybe rains for a few hours each evening and if we're lucky, cools the temperature down to something reasonable.

We spent way too many days indoors the month of June. Between Dan traveling for work, being on call and other obligations, we didn't make it to the mountains for our usual hiking and recreation. We vowed that July would be different.

The Fourth of July found us in Santa Fe (the 3rd one in a row! Can you believe we have been here for 3 summers now?) eating chips and salsa and imbibing on margaritas like good New Mexicans. It was hot, but that made the drinks taste that much better.

Our next adventure was to escape the city and cool off in the mountains. A late Friday night trip to R.E.I. and a few gadgets later, we found ourselves on the road to The Pecos Wilderness on Saturday AM for an overnight camping trip. Sara made the 6 mile hike in and out (probably fared better than Dan or me) and is now referred to as "Mountain Dog." We found a great spot near Trampas Lake and enjoyed a fire, our new camping stove and beautiful scenery...all at 20 degrees cooler than ABQ.

And just because we couldn't get enough of the adventures, our next weekend found us and two other couples (Erin and Eric, Matt and Laura) renting a pontoon on Lake Navajo in Northern New Mexico. I forgot to mention that not only were there 6 adults, but 4 domesticated animals. We set up tents, dodged raindrops and putted around the lake in our SunTracker. It felt great to be out on the water again...a girl from MN needs her water!

With plenty of weekends remaining this summer, more excursions to come!

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