16 June 2009

Watch out for Rattlesnakes

Our first hike of the season took place on a lovely Saturday morning in early June.  The temperature was just right and it was overcast most of the day.  

We packed out bags Friday night after having dinner at Yanni's and were ready for an early morning departure.  We hit Indian School Road (after a coffee stop) and headed east towards the Sandia's.

I can't remember the name of the trail (not surprising; Dan is the navigator) but it was a lovely hike to the "top."  We didn't hit the South Sandia crest this time, but stopped a bit early for a long lunch break.

The last part of the hike ended up being longer than expected...Unmarked paths lead us to a steep, very steep, descent...sharp cacti...fortunately no "rattlers"...and two slightly frustrated and tired hikers.
All in all it was a great 13 mile hike and left us with sore muscles and hungry bellies.  Boba Tea Company beverages were our treat and they tasted goood!!!

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