26 May 2009

Second Summer

It's hard to believe that we have almost been in Albuquerque one whole year.  We have experienced so much here and are always eagerly awaiting what is around the corner.

Spring in Albuquerque comes early-compared to Minnesota.  We enjoyed the jacketless days, evening runs and dinners on the patio that came earlier than expected.  Spring also brought vacations and visitors...Orlando for ACC, Schwo and Katie & Ben Sowieja visited on separate weekends, Dan went to Missouri for a memorial fishing trip for Dad, Lauren flew to the Atlantic coast to visit Ilnaz in D.C., Dan flew to sunny (not as sunny as Albuquerque) San Diego for boys week(end) and Lauren attended a pharmacy conference in Monterey, Cali...  We are ready to be home and together for the next few months!!

Dan's first year of fellowship is coming to an end!  With that comes more call, more responsibility and one year closer to being done.  I am one month from finishing my second residency (horray!) and that much closer to a grown-up job.  I will be working in the ICU's at the University of New Mexico Hospital.  

The summer should be full.  We already have plans to visit Minnesota in June, Dallas in June and of course, the New Mexician countryside and Colorado mountains.  We have also found a new love in spinning and maybe we will finally get bikes!  

I hope to be more active with posting...stay tuned

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