13 November 2008

All around

We have been told by natives and newbies of ABQ that we have seen more of the state of New Mexico in 4 months than they have seen in years.  What can we say?  We are eager to take advantage of this part of the country while we are here.

Last weekend, after recommendations from our good friend Tom, we drove north 45 miles to Santa Fe.  After our typical stop at Whole Foods for breakfast burritos, we cruised up I-40 to the Santa Fe ski basin to start our hike on the Widsor Trail.  It's a seven mile hike to the peak of the mountain (and 7 long miles back...).

It was a beautiful November day in New Mexico-sunny and clear skies, cool morning with the promise of 50 degrees (at least) and spacious outdoors to be explored ...  We strapped on our CamelPaks and started our ascent to 12,600 feet to the top of Mount Baldey.

The hike tooks us through Aspen groves, over partially frozen streams and up a rocky "trail" to the vista.  The elevation gain of 6-7,000 feet proved a slight challenge ... I was hypoxic and unable to walk in a straight line ...  Dan was feeling nauseous and silly on the descent.  Two words: peak baggers!!

Our plans of stopping at a Japanese spa on the way home was shot down when too many New Mexicans and visitors of Santa Fe had the same idea.  10,000 Waves is a beautiful spa with both public (suits optional) and private baths.  On a Saturday night, many people were finding refuge in the cool mountain air, high in the mountains.  We WILL go back (with reservations next time). 

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